30/04/1997 au 26/12/2013  Des tortures, masacres, poison de Psychotropes et violation de mes droits a NY  USA

Empoisonner avec les psychotropes Zyprexa, Prozac et Zoloft, torturer et violer mes droits

Je suis Marocain/Américain. Ma jeunesse est disparue dans le vide entre 1997 et 26 decembre 2013. Je suis innocent. 

Wrongful emprisonnement. Injustice. Tortures. Atrocity, and Judicial Hate Crime.

The propose of this informations of my Human Right violation complaint is to bring some realities to your attentions and to request your international Human Right assistance and to take Certain measure of intervention in my legal matter.

This great nation of laws and democracy and Human Rights does not treat its Citizens Equally under the law. and Justice works only for the rich and the famous and discriminates against people of colors in which some judges disregards which the laws and the United States Constitution says. But instead they use their own (Judicial usurper) to deliberately infect the balance of justice because of their authorized legal power.

I am a victim of  the Americans misconceptions of reality which illegally and inhumanly treats ale Arab American Muslims Christians of Jews as a (Terrorists) and deprives the innocent ones of ail their legal Rights because of their names , races and National origins.

I was arrested in April 30th, 1997 while under the care of (Advanced Center of Psychiatry) in Jamaica Hospital Queens ,N.Y. due to an accident that occurred at the train station on January 10, 1997. Resulting in Brain damage amnesia, Coma and Complete Touch with reality, I was arrested by the Long Islands Nassau Country police and was accused of setting fire in my in-laws car-Garage on April 28, 1997. Thanks god no one get injured. 

At that time I was mentally and physically an Incapacitated Person and didn't understand what was going on and was denied my rights to speak to my attorney Mr. Albert Talero, beaten badly and I was forced to speak in a harsh interrogatories tactics of tortures, hours later I was been placed behind the walls and experienced many forms of tortures, Atrocity and racial hate crime by state prison guards and other officials. That night I was transported by ambulance to the Nassau County medical Center in East Meadow suffering from a dozen fractures to my skeleton. Broken nose, broken ribs and lost all of my upper teeth in this extreme forms of cruelty, tortures and atrocity by these corrupt state officials and the Nassau County District Attorney Mr. Dillon.

From the day of my arrest on April 30th, 1997 until the day of my trial on May 6th, 1998, I was placed behind the prison and the Hospital walls for 378 days in a repeated forms of tortures without legal representatives. I was arraigned without been present in Court and without legal defense. I did nog have a felony exam or been present at any material stage of my persecution State Government records on files indicates that on May 2nd, 1997 Hon. Judge Marvin Goodman have appointed two legal Aid Attorneys Mr. Ross and Mr. Johnson to represent me at the preliminary hearing and other legal proceedings of my prosecution, but instead of doing so, the state government files indicates with convincing evidence that these two legal aid thieves have illegally signed and waived all my rights on May 5th, 1997 without visiting, consulting or even advising me of any of my rights. They have robbed the state for undeserved compensation and have robbed me of my life, liberty and property without my consent and without respect to their legal duty or to the human race.

My family and friends came from Europe and my younger brother from the state of Colorado, U.S. They couldn't gain access to me because I was all fractures and my upper teeth were all missing due to these forms of cruelty, tortures, atrocity and racial hate crime. But they managed to hire an attorney from the phone book yellow pages. This attorney by the name of John Bray met with my family ones he refused to sign a retainer charged them $ 25.000 and disappeared from May of 1997 until May 6, 1998.

This very expensive attorney, Mr. John Bray, was nothing but a thief, racist thief. He took my case to trial without strategy or preparation for a defense. Without investigation, visits to his client and without a legal folder in his hand.

I met with this thief for the first time of trial. He didn't know who I was. Through my French interpreter he learned that I was heavily medicated and was hospitalized several times. He didn't know why I was hospitalized or medicated for.


Came to court to assist this group of conspirators to bury me alive and in less than three hours I was convicted for a crime I didn't commit without any form of legal defense. A few days later I was ordered to undergo an involuntary psychological hospitalization for two years in a state mental institution by an order of the court judge Paul Kawanta, State psychiatrists, State prosecutors who were all a group of very sadistic conspirators including my three legal defense thieves.

But because of my name, race and national origin, they used my mental and physical disability and because of the lack of legal defense, I couldn't remember everything that took place about my legal ordeal, in order for me to develop an accurate picture based on law and facts. I tore my legal matter down in order to best build it up. I went to the beginning of my legal ordeal starting from the night of my arrest on April 30, 1997 until the day of my trial on May 6th, 1998 and through the FOIL and FOIA I have discovered the following undisputed facts. Outside the records under state and federal governments files and I have followed every single step of my defense team legal performance, what they have done and where they have been??? And found that I was politically persecuted because of my race and was abandoned by my three defense team in each and every critical stage of my presecution and found that both Stage prosecutors and my three defense team were a group of sadistic hateful thieves and conspirators who has deliberately deprived me of life, liberty and property without any of regards to my human rights or to my established legal rights.

There is no evidence to prove otherwise or to challenge any of my allegations against these forms of injustice; racism, tortures, atrocity and hate crime. I was arrested on April 30th, 1997 for a crime I didn't commit and was simply denied all my rights.

I was illegally abandoned at arraignment, illegally abandoned at the felony examinations, illegally abandoned at the preliminary hearing, illegally abandoned at both competency examinations which was conducted by two state psychiatrists on August 26th, 1997 and September 3th, 1997. Requested by stage prosecutors, illegally conducted without any form of legal defense, or the mandatory notice of provisions which is required by state and federal law. Furthermore I was illegally abandoned during the grand jury proceedings on October 14th and October 21st ,1997 and the day of my indictment on November 3rd 1997, in another word I was a victim of a harsh legal system who hates all Arabs, including their own Arab American Muslims, Christians or Jews and viewed them all as terrorists or enemy combatants.

This is a judicial usurper, a contradictory legal system who ruled against its own law and its own constitution and favors the rights of the wealthy and the famous which is called the materialistic justice. I don't see the fundamental principles of this great national of laws and democracy and human rights. Especially when Higher Judges intentionally lied and ruled against the Unites State Constitution which indicates that no official is above the law and all judges shall apply by the laws and the constitution of the land. In my legal matter State Prosecutors falsified evidence, used illegal witnesses perjury as a testimony to simply secure an indictment and conviction based solely of racial hate crime against all Arabs, by state actors under color of State law, purely sadistic thieves and conspirators who manipulate the legal system and who intentionally violates my equal rights and continue to do so.

My indictment and conviction were illegally obtained and enforced against a mentally and physically incapacitated second class American citizen and I declare them before the International Human Rights in Geneva Convention and Europe and around the world to be odious acts of cruelty, atrocity against Arab Americans, modernized slavery, injustice and racial hate crime against humanity and people of colors and against the Unites Stated Balance of Justice and abuse of authorized legal power by some corrupted judges and some sadistic state prosecutors who could commit crimes against their own follow citizens and get away with it under an umbrella of immunity which protects these thieves and other rich criminals to get away with crimes against humanity and ruined the Unites States Legal System and National Economy.

For these injustices I found myself as an innocent man without rights and come to believe that the Constitution, due process and law or the bill of rights are only symbolic and held no honest legal power and that the constitution of this great nation does not protect or guaranteed any rights for the poor and the people of colors. Furthermore there exists no human rights because of some corrupted and greedy judges and some state prosecutors. Everything became absurd in a manipulative and very conspiring manner that deprived the innocent citizens.

The Constitution of this great national does not apply to all the citizens of the Unites States of America because of some judges who abuse their authorized legal power.

The degree in which the rules of law, the Constitution and Democratic Institutions in the State of New York are being undermined and eroded against the legally unrepresented poor people (defendant), the mentally ill and the people of colors and in our time due to terrorists evil activities Arab Americans and the entire Muslim community have been all labeled as bad people or suspected terrorists due to our names, race and national origin.

Some judges and State ADA prosecutors are strictly corrupted criminals themselves and usually deliberately disrespect the laws and the Constitution of this great nation.

These officials who unjustly convicted me for a crime without probable cause or Prima Facie have manipulated the legal system and turns it to a multibillion $ industry and modernized slavery, gambling with human's potential lives, building prisons other than for people and transforming the mentally sick and poor citizens to real criminals for their own benefits or personal gain regardless of the United States Laws and the Constitution that is most often disrespected under U.C.C. Uniform Commercial Code, Article 9, 1932.

These officials have deliberately violated their legal system and all Acts of Congress, State and Federal Statutes of the United States Constitution. I have been denied access to serious Medical needs for Pneumonia and other serious health issues and medical emergencies and was denied access to outside medical need when do doctor was present at the prison facilities in which I was illegally and unjustly confined. This is not just a National violation of human rights but it is a violations of the International Laws under Article 36 of Geneva Convention against tortures, atrocities and cruelty. In another word I was politically persecuted without committing any kind of crime due to my name, race and national origin.

Furthermore I was forced inside a strip jacked and been injected with poisonous psychotropic medications for 378 days resulting in my blindness, diabetes, hypertension, seizures disease, excessive bleeding and complete soft-tissues and skeleton degeneration, bone disease, heart disease in addition to these forms of cruelty I suffered from a dozen of fractures to my skeleton and lost all of my upper teeth.

I have addresses my legal allegations before all state and federal courts of law including the United State Supreme Court and it seems that justice discriminates against unwanted people, people of colors, the mentally ill persons and regardless, the Unites States legal system ruled against its own Constitution and Acts of Congress and the International laws and continue to deprive the innocent a fair adjudication of the legality under the laws and the Constitution of the Unites States in a clear, deliberate and contradictory manners.

The legal system in the United States does not treat its citizens equally under the law. Regardless of hypocrisy.

For these reasons, I declare that I was polically persecuted. My equal rights and my human rights were intentionally violated because some of those acting under color of State law hate all Arab Muslims, Christians and Jews and I was deprived of life, liberty and property without probable cause pr a legal defense and without any rights or due process of law and at this time I am requesting your assistance and your protection, because I am an innocent man. I am neither a criminal nor a terrorist, American enemy. I have no criminal history with the law and I was unjustly arrested, illegally indicted, illegally convicted without any form of legal defense than fed days later I was shipped to a mental hospital to undergo an involuntary psychological hospitalization for two years, 2 years like a sick and unwanted animal without any rights nor legal defense. 378 days of extreme tortures, atrocities and judicial racial hate crime.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dates: December 27th, 2013

Westchester, New York.





سوف أطالب بحقوقي الانسانية و لو خارج الولايات المتحدة الامريكية  بدعوة حقوقية لذى المحكمة العالمية العليا بلاهاي هولندا 

28/05/2014 petition against USA/NY     


How many innocent people are there in prison?

A. We will never know for sure, but the few studies that have been done estimate that between 2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the U.S. are innocent (for context, if just 1% of all prisoners are innocent, that would mean that more than 20,000 innocent people are in prison). 

More broadly, we know that innocent people are often identified as suspects by law enforcement and that DNA testing often clears them before they go to trial, but that DNA testing is impossible in the vast majority of criminal cases. In approximately 25% of cases where DNA testing was done by the FBI during the course of investigations, suspects were excluded by the testing. That doesn't mean we believe 25% of convictions are in error, but when coupled with the fact that DNA testing is only possible in 5-10% of all criminal cases, it shows that science cannot always clear innocent suspects, which can result in wrongful convictions.

17 ans de poison (ZYPREXA and PROZAC)

بدون إدن مني او من المحكمة جربوا في جميع الأدوية يوم بعد يوم و ان امتنعت على أخد الأدوية تعرضت للضرب و الشتم  لأنني موجود في السجن و ليس لي حق في الامتناع 

         I entered prison without a health disease and left with all kind of permanent diseases ,The Legal system have robbed me of my life,liberty and property without any rights...

En 2002, David HEALY affirmait que 25.000 personnes s’étaient suicidées à cause du Prozac de la campagnie Eli Lilly de Indianapolis


"Ex membre de la FDA Dr David Graham, qui a sonné l'alarme sur le Vioxx, a déclaré au Congrès que les neuroleptiques atypiques comme le Zyprexa tuent quelques 62000 personnes par an dans des utilisations non approuvées". 
En savoir plus :

Gissime Said FREE 26/12/2013 after 17 years

شركة أمريكية لصناعة الأدوية جربت في جميع الأدوية لأنني كنت داخل السجن و كانت حقوقي كلها منعدمة ، لم تكن لي القدرة على رفض الأدوية و ان رفضتها تعرضت للضرب و الاهانة و حبسوني في حجرة صغيرة أربعة أمتار مربعة لمدة أسابيع و شهور لم يكن معي الا خالقني 


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les laboratoires Lilly  RESPONSABLES NO 1:

Nous avons mené notre enquête. Aux Etats Unis, le Zyprexa fait l'objet d'une énorme bataille juridique. Des associations de malades se mobilisent pour attirer l'attention des politiques. Ce médicament -une manne pour les laboratoires pharmaceutiques !- devrait être rapidement interdit aux USA, pour les ravages occasionnés sur le pancréas, sans comparaison possible avec les soi-disants bénéfices apportés aux patients souffrant de dépression. Des tribunaux ont déjà indemnisé les malheureuses victimes...

En France, en Europe, et bien c'est la loi du silence. Eh oui ! Les psychiatres continuent à prescrire le Zyprexa à tour de bras, la plupart du temps en cas de dépression, pour "épauler" les anti-dépresseurs.

Et après les gens -les victimes de cette ignominie !- doivent vivre le restant de leurs jours avec des douleurs abdominales, atroces et sans rémissions, qui nécessitent parfois l'utilisation du sulfate de morphine. Sans parler du recours obligatoire à un régime à vie quasiment totalement dépourvu de graisses, des séjours répétés aux urgences entraînant à chaque fois des pertes de poids spectaculaires ! Et, si la mort n'est pas au rendez-vous, pour couronner le tout, l'installation d'un diabète morbide et d'une insulino-dépendance, qui vient engraisser bien sûr -cerise sur le gâteau !- les laboratoires pharmaceutiques, responsables de ce chaos.